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Our mission

Our objectives

As the voice of the global chewing gum and chewing gum base industry, ICGA represents the interests of its members in forums at the international, regional, national and local levels.

ICGA members are committed to ensuring that all chewing gum and gum base products are safe, wholesome and fulfil the highest standards of quality wherever they are manufactured or sold.

In order to fulfil its mission, ICGA actively participates in the development of a regulatory and business environment where all chewing gum and gum base producers and suppliers, whatever their size, can compete effectively for sustainable growth in the context of a globalised market and changing consumer behaviour and lifestyles.

ICGA believes in a balanced and science-based regulatory framework which takes into account unique qualities of chewing gum and gum base products. Because chewing gum is fundamentally different in composition and does not serve the same purpose as a conventional food in delivering macronutrients, ICGA considers that chewing gum is a specific food category by itself and should not to be treated as simply another food product.

Our commitments

ICGA’s approach to policy making and the role it seeks to play in the legislative and regulatory process are described by a series of commitments the Association and its members have made.

ICGA is committed to:

  1. The global harmonization of legislation and regulations applicable to chewing gum;
  2. The establishment and maintenance of solid relationships and on-going constructive dialogue with regulatory and legislative authorities, as well as allied business partners;
  3. The dissemination of accurate and clear labeling and other information to consumers about chewing gum and its contribution to a healthy lifestyle;
  4. The development of scientific support for health claims for chewing gum in accordance with applicable laws and regulations;
  5. The production of chewing gum products that meet all food safety and quality requirements applicable in the countries in which they are sold;
  6. A contribution to the sustainable development of the industry and to maintaining a diversified and competitive supply of raw materials and ingredients.
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