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Introduction by ICGA President


 Amanda DAVIES
Acting ICGA President

Welcome to the International Chewing Gum Association (ICGA)!


Chewing gum plays a unique role in people’s lives and is enjoyed by millions around the world.

Humans have always chewed to freshen our mouths, and – as evidenced by decades of research – sugar-free gum can also help to support good dental health.

Today, chewing gum also plays an important role in wellbeing and self-care. People chew to relax, feel confident and brave, to focus or to give ourselves a moment of reprieve.

As a collection of businesses and leading voices across the industry and globe, we’re focused on, together, using our expertise and knowledge to help the category continue to grow and innovate, thrive and create meaningful experiences for people.

We’re proud to be the stewards of this iconic category.