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Introduction by ICGA President

"Welcome to the International Chewing Gum Association. I hope you find the information you need on this website. 

Chewing gum has been part of life dating back to the Ancient Greeks but the gum we know and love has its roots in 19th century America. Since then a niche product has become part of mainstream life enjoyed daily by many millions of consumers throughout the world and provides thousands of jobs. The top gum markets are spread throughout North and South America, Asia and Europe making chewing gum a truly global industry. 

Born out of the 2005 merger between the US National Association of Chewing Gum Manufacturers (NACGM) and the European Association of the Chewing Gum Industry (EACGI), ICGA is the leading voice of the chewing gum industry.

ICGA was created because of the uniqueness of chewing gum products. Chewing gum has a vast range of benefits and applications, from a great-tasting confection with relatively few calories to a delivery vehicle for necessary vitamins and minerals or other active substances.  The supply chain, manufacturing process, product form (small pack sizes), oral care benefits, and limited contribution of calories and other macronutrients (fat, sodium, sugar, calories) to the diet all distinguish it from many other foods.  We work to ensure that policymakers understand the distinctiveness of chewing gum when developing legislation and regulations that impact our members.

Chewing gum provides a number of unique benefits. Beyond the traditional positive aspects of great taste and fresh breath, sugar-ree chewing gum is scientifically proven to deliver oral care benefits, including tooth cleaning and strengthening, plaque reduction, and the reduction of dry mouth. Additionally, emerging science suggests that chewing gum can aid concentration, ease stress, play a positive role in calorie control and aid smoking cessation.

Ensuring the safety and quality of its products has always been the top priority for ICGA. All Members are committed to meeting high quality standards as well providing clear product information to our customers and consumers.

However, ICGA is more than a “quality mark”. It also takes a proactive role in helping to shape the regulatory framework through which its members conduct their business. And, it provides a forum for debate about issues of importance to the chewing gum industry, bringing together key stakeholders at all levels to work toward a harmonized legislative and regulatory environment. 

We truly believe that 'gum is good' and our objective is that everyday more and more people are able to enjoy its benefits."