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"ICGA exists because of the uniqueness of chewing gum, with its vast range of benefits and applications. We work to ensure that policymakers, regulators, and legislators all over the world understand these unique characteristics and benefits  when they address issues that impact the industry."


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ICGA Mission

Ensuring safety and quality through harmonized rules worldwide
ICGA Members are committed to ensuring ingredient safety and performance quality in all chewing gum products sold throughout the world

Informing the consumer
ICGA Members are committed to providing information to consumers in the very limited space of a typical chewing gum package.

Building a prosperous and sustainable future for our industry
ICGA is committed to the sustainable development of the industry and to maintaining a diversified and competitive supply of all ingredients.

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How to join ICGA (for chewing gum and ingredient producers only)

Science & Technology

Manufacturing Process for Chewing Gum
Discover how chewing gum is made...

Benefits of Chewing Gum
Read about research on the benefits of chewing gum....

Ingredients in Chewing Gum
Discover the world of chewing gum ingredients...

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