Fun facts about gum

01 Fact 01
The oldest candies in the world.
02 Fact 02
Chicle, the first natural gum
03 Fact 03
Most popular flavoured chewing gum
04 Fact 04
Bubble gum pink colour origin
05 Fact 05
Biggest Gum Bubble Produced
06 Fact 06
Turkey accounts for the highest number of chewing gum producers
07 Fact 07
An infinite variety of chewing gum in the world and USA
08 Fact 08
Longest wrapper of the world
09 Fact 09
Chewing gum and Pop Music
10 Fact 10
Chewing gum and Pop Music n°2
11 Fact 11
Sugar free Chewing Gum as a reward and concentration aid
12 Fact 12
Chewing gum and basketball legend player Michael Jordan