Our membership

Categories of Membership

A number of different membership options are open to potential ICGA Members. These in- clude Full Membership, Associated Membership, Affiliated Membership and Distributor Membership.

Full Members include:

Arcor Group S.A.I.C.
Gumlink Confectionery Company
Gumcorp (pvt) Ltd.
Maykim Gum Base Company
Meiji Co. Ltd.
Mondelēz International
Perfetti Van Melle
Remik (Remik Kimya San.ve.Tic.A.Ş.)


Eligible applicants to become Full Members or Associated Members of the Association can become members following:

  1. approval by the General Assembly;
  2. declaration to adhere to the By-Laws and internal rules;
  3. and payment to the Association of the Dues.

The funds needed to accomplish the purposes of the Association are raised every year by a decision of the General Assembly in accordance with the rules established by the By-Laws for each category of member.

How to become a member